Katayama Setsuzo, Beyond the Portrait

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  • 平成29年2月4日(土)〜3月20日(月)
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  • 福岡県立美術館
《Portrait of Katayama Setsuzo》1981

《Portrait of Katayama Setsuzo》1981

While running a photographic studio in Fukuoka, Katayama Setsuzo (1914-2005), produced portrait photography of more than one hundred and fifty great writers, artists, thinkers, and scholars, such as Mushanokoji Saneatsu and Shiga Naoya. His photography showcases the rich cultural history of the Showa period.
As the first photographer in Kyushu to receive a lifetime achievement award from The Photographic Society of Japan in 1973, Katayama had major contribution to the photographic culture in Kyushu by training photographers at his studio and serving as a professor at the department of photography, Kyushu Sangyo University.

February 4th to March 20th. 10:00~18:00 (last entrance 17:30)
Entrance Fee: adults:300 yen / high school, college students:140yen /children:60yen.



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